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Our Services

  • Travel Vaccination

    Travel clinics are staffed with specialists in travel health. They have current information on which vaccines are required or recommended for people travelling to various destinations as well as information on the most up-to-date medications for travellers. Even if you’ve had vaccinations when you’ve travelled before, you will still benefit from a visit to a travel clinic, as the recommendations may have changed or you may need a “booster” for a vaccine you already have been given.

    Travellers should visit their doctor or a travel clinic at least 6 to 8 weeks before departure. This will give time for the vaccines to take effect and to ensure enough time between doses, as some vaccines are given in multiple doses.

    What vaccines are available?

    Childhood and routine vaccinations are covered in most public health insurance plans. You will have to pay for additional vaccinations directly or through your private health insurance. Double-check with your doctor or pharmacist whether you have to pay for a vaccination.

  • Quit Smoking

    Regardless of how long a person has been smoking or using other forms of tobacco, your Pharmasave pharmacist can help you become tobacco free, improving your quality of life and increasing positive health outcomes. Studies show that combining different methods of quitting smoking can provide better success rates. For instance, combining counselling and medication together has been shown to be more effective in helping individuals reach their quit smoking goals.

    Pharmasave pharmacists are able to provide services, support and follow-up for people who want to become tobacco free, including:

    • Recommending product options that can help people quit smoking, many of which are available without a prescription
    • Assisting with planning and preparing for nicotine withdrawal and cravings
    • Developing an individualized action plan and counselling sessions
    • Coaching and motivational support with follow-up and monitoring
    • Supporting individuals in making healthier diet and physical activity choices
    • Providing advice on coping with stress and options for dealing with relapses
    • Working collaboratively with other healthcare providers to ensure a comprehensive approach to quitting smoking
    • Recommending other support networks and resources to help achieve quit smoking goals

    Speak with your Pharmasave pharmacist to arrange a quit smoking consultation and for more information about becoming tobacco free.

  • Diabetes

    Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been living with diabetes for a long time, your Pharmasave pharmacist can help you manage your condition with information on:

    • Why keeping your blood sugar “at target” is so important and how lifestyle choices affect your diabetes
    • Choosing and using the equipment to test your blood sugar
    • Easing discomfort you may have when finger-sticking
    • Using your insulin or insulin pen
    • Protecting your skin and feet
    • The importance of having good dental care and eye examinations
    • Managing your medication(s) if you’re going on vacation and more…

    Managing diabetes and pre-diabetes usually involves lifestyle and behavioural changes that benefit from consistent support and advocacy from a qualified healthcare professional.

    Pharmasave pharmacists are trained in diabetes management and provide personalized healthcare and counselling with customers on a drop-in basis or by scheduled appointment.

  • Addiction and Mental Health programs

    Our services and programs are designed to support clients struggling with mental health conditions including addiction. As accessible health-care providers, we can assist clients in the following ways:

    • Educate clients about the benefits of their prescribed medication
    • Dispense medication in daily or weekly compliance packs
    • Review all prescriptions and OTCs to minimize side effects and simplify the regimen as well as possible
    • Navigate medication coverage issues
    • Refill reminders